Office clean

Whenever you working day finishes our has just begun. Just go home kick back and relax and spend some time with your family and forget about the whole mess and dust in the office….
That is our Duty. We will dust, throw away the bin’s sterilise the kitchen surfaces and bathroom, vacuum all throughout and mop With the upcoming of your new working day you will be greeted with a tidy clean Office that will make your day go by, New day—New beginning.
We totally understand every day challenges your office professionals face, that’s why our office cleaners will enable and undertake their duties to the point where their job will be smoothly done.
We will arrange a fully equipped team of cleaners to clean the property from top to bottom. The price may vary on size, condition, location and services required.
Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).

starting £20/£25 (Price may vary from the Size of Office)