End of Tenancy Clean

If you are a landlord or a tenant, you probably know that it is usually the tenant’s obligation to leave the house clean after deciding to move out. This is the so-called End of Tenancy Cleaning, which is offered by T&M Cleaning Services
This is why, many people prefer to hire a professional team of people who specialize in End of Tenancy Cleaning, who will perform this entire task making sure that all requirements of the contract between the landlord and the tenant are met.
Our technicians will come with all the necessary machines, tools, cleaning materials and products which they need.They usually are very thorough and speedy, so that both sides are happy.
A good practice And performance Of our steph members Is a Must At All Times to prepare a preliminary check list for all the cleaning tasks which should be performed during the End of Tenancy Cleaning.This allows them to cover all parts of the cleaning job, without leaving out anything.
The best idea is to check any specific requirements with your landlord That they may have beforehand, and if you can afford it hire a team of professionals to come and do the End of Tenancy Cleaning of your home or office.
This will save you all the efforts And time spent For the End of Tenancy- Deep Clean and will definitely be done more professionally by the team of experienced cleaners who have all the necessary Knowledge machines, chemicals and other tools to do the job.
Doing a good job in overall cleaning when leaving a piece of property is not only a legal requirement in some cases, but also a way to leave the property without any problems and in good terms-conditions with the owner.
After all, if you think about it – you would expect the same thorough cleaning to have been performed in the new house or office you are moving into, right?

Why? Because as a tenant you have much to risk– your deposit, and as a landlord you need to present your property in the best conditions,so you can let it easily to the Future tenants.

We will arrange a fully equipped team of cleaners to clean the property from top to bottom. The price may vary on size, condition, location and services required.

Please note that additional charges for Congestion Charge and Parking may apply (if applicable).

What to expect out of your End Of Tenancy

General run down:


All cabinets cleaned inside out, bath or shower cabin must be sterilised- dried out and all limescale must be removed and polished+mirrors, tile surfaces must be sterilised and dried off and polished+ any light switches. Toilet bowl cleaned out from any decrease and sterilise,Bins must be cleaned out sterilised and polished,Extractor Fan must be cleaned out from any dust particles and polished,sterilise all floors and wash throughout and vacuum.


General dusting throughout the whole property, eliminate any spider webs on ceilings or corners of the walls, skirting boards wipe down, clean any light fixtures from dust or or spider webs, all light switches must be wiped down and polished—same goes for all doors fixtures and door frames and any other furniture or mirrors that’s in the property wipe down all windows and frames internally, general vacuum all around property mop all hard floor surfaces and disinfect.


All kitchen surfaces must be sterilised wiped down and polished Tables and chairs all cabinets must be cleaned from inside and out anything that’s left in cabinet must be thrown away unless client wants us to leave it behind, any tile surfaces” backsplash” must be decreased sterilised cleaned and polished + all light switches or sockets, extractor fan decreased cleaned and then polished all countertops must be sterilised decreased and polished, refrigerated- freezer “must be defrosted from the client before service is applied”- cleaned inside and out remove any debris if left behind sterilise dry off and polish,
Oven deep clean eternally, all grease must be removed + tray racks then sterilise and polish In-N-Out. Cleaning all kitchen appliances microwave, kettle, toaster, juice makers, bread makers, dishwasher, washing machine and any others…))) sterilise kitchen bin wipe down and polish sterilise all floor surfaces mop and then vacuum

End of Tenancy Without Carpet

Property type Flat House
Studio £89
1 Bed £111 £133
2 Bed £139 £169
3 Bed £179 £209
4 Bed £219 £239
5 Bed Call for a Quote Call for a Quote

Prices Includes Fridge Clean and Oven Clean+one-bathroom and one separate toilet any additional bathroom’s £40 service fee.

So you’ve had your End of Tenancy Clean and everything is sparkling like new but there is this strange smell.  It’s not bad but definitely there it’s probably your carpet. The majority of people vacuum religiously and while the carpet looks good it’s not really clean. Deep in the fibers dirt and dust mites are trapped slowly but surely breaking down. The life of your carpet is being stripped away.That’s where we come in, we use highly trained end of tenancy professional teams, using only top of the range carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals recommended by carpet manufacturers.